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Vesa, a 16-year old Bulgarian girl, cannot speak. A Turkish fortune-teller predicts that the girl will convalesce if somebody sacrifices his life for her. The fortune-teller’s mentally retarded nephew, who comes to hear the prophesy, follows the girl. It is the first time ever that he leaves the desolate village in the Balkan mountains. He faces the hostility and malice of the modern world. His natural goodness overcomes all obstacles. His love for the girl makes him change. His love changes Vesa, who till then has been fraught with malice to everybody. And the moment they touch each other for a first time, the fortune-teller’s prophesy comes true. The boy dies. But will Vesa recover her speech?



  • Golden Rose Bulgarian Feature Film Festival 2003 – Best actress
  • UBF Awards – Best music



  • Sofia Film Fest
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