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The movie Khan Asparuh (1981) is a three part Bulgarian epic about the foundation of the Bulgarian state. It tells the story of a great ruler who sends his three sons in three different directions to look for a new place to call home as their current homeland is being invaded. We follow closely the journey of his youngest son through all the hardship, tribulations and sacrifices he and his people face as they are torn with internal power struggles, unrealized love and attacks by foreign armies before settling a new land and calling it home.

The trilogy itself is of colossal scale. The project is the largest undertaking in the history of the Bulgarian cinematography and in order to depict the exodus, settlements and battle scenes the pictures uses more than 1000 horses, 60 000 people and 100 000 unique costumes. The film itself spans 4 seasons. As a result, it is the most watched Bulgarian picture with an audience of more than 12 million people in Bulgaria. The movie also has a shorter American edited version due to its immense success in the local market.

Doli Media Studio is breathing new life into this saga by making a new edit titled The Khan and The Empire and making the movie accessible to the modern public. Khan Asparuh is part of the European cinema heritage of Bulgaria and preserving it and making a modern widely viewable version of the film is a demanding task the studio has decided to excel at.

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