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Two trains uncontrollably move towards each other within temporal boundaries of a human life. One of them is taking a genial young man to his unforeseen future; he would marry his beloved; have a son; become a brilliant doctor; do his duty and save the live of enemies of the communist regime; get a 20-years sentence for that. Prison would turn out to be an unbearable nightmare; his wife would eventually give in to the tortures of the authorities and seek divorce; this would mean no one to visit him in prison. 15 years without any news about his child, only a snapshot of his family on which the tree of them are smiling and happy.



  • Golden Rose Bulgarian Feature Film Festival 2004 – Golden Rose Award, Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Actress
  • Bulgarian Film Academy Awards 2006 – Best Screenplay
  • FF Karlovo 2004 – Best actor



  • 12 IFF “Love is folly” 2004



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